Falcon 1 Drone - UAV



Ryk Narell has been shooting commercial grade photography and video for more than 20 years.

 He has now entered the world of the "Z" axis and shoots aerial photography and stills with a Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) or drone.





For commercial use or any operation dreamed to be of commercial use Transport Canada's rules on use of a UAV ( Unmanned Air Vehicle) is governed by Navcan and is basically the need to follow the rules of a Special Flight Operation Certificate (SPOC)  as per the new Standing Complex certificate which we have.

They also require proof of insurance and a good indication that the pilot has spotters and knows what he or she is doing.


We are registered with Transport Canada and Standing Complex SFOC and we carry special UAV insurance.


It must be understood that a UAV that loses radio link with the ground station and "flies away" until the battery dies a short time later

or hits a seagull or song bird it becomes a 10 lb rock falling from the sky at terminal speed which I believe is around 120 miles an hour.


Falcon 1 Drone team

Professional drone video and stills.

Licensed and insured. You need an operator with a SFOC or be liable for fines up to $25,000.00.


Q: I just put a Camera on my model plane/copter and started making money selling the photos/videos, is this allowed?

A: As described by TC as soon as you make money or become contracted to use you model aircraft it no-longer qualifies as a model aircraft. Your model aircraft is now a UAV and requires a Special Flight Operations Certificate(SFOC) to fly.


Q: I’m using my UAV for profit or it’s vital to the success of my business, what do I need to know?

A: You need a Special Flight Operations Certificate(SFOC) every time your UAV is in Canadian Airspace, Yes even testing and development outdoors requires an SFOC. Fear not as obtaining an SFOC is common place in Canada, and as of May 17th 2012 it’s free. This is because the law strictly prohibits UAVs without these certificates.

602.41 No person shall operate an unmanned air vehicle in flight except in accordance with a special flight operations certificate or an air operator certificate.